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In an effort to help out the people who are struggling to work from home due to the current lockdowns all over the globe, we are offering 1 free coaching session.

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Coaching Features

We aim to create an online environment where you can easily find all the information that you need in order to overcome your personal and professional challenges. We want to see you grow, become better at being you and closer to excellence at your profession.

Sales Coaching

Coaching sessions dedicated to sales people, tailored to overcome specific individual challenges in achieving better results. During these sessions we will probe into the specific challenges and struggles in a 1-2-1 setting.

Work From Home Coaching

Many people have a dificult time in maintaining their productivity and quality levels while working from home. These sessions are dedicated to any professionals facing challenges in working from home.

Spiritual Coaching

Coaching sessions dedicated to your inner self aimed at helping in centering yourself and discovering your great potential.

Money Coaching

Coaching sessions designed to challenge and overcome unhealthy money beliefs that prevent you from increasing your income potential.

How our coaching sessions work.

We have adapted to the current global situation, and we have focused our attention to deliver our sessions easily and with increased focus on quality.

  • Online video sessions in a 1-2-1 setup.
  • Quick scheduling through Calendly.
  • Support through WhatsApp or other direct messaging platforms.
  • Additional free content available on the Hintogram Blog.

We have designed our programs to make it as easy as possible for anyone to benefit from them quickly. We are offering both the possibility to get a one time session as well as continuous coaching sessions.

Additional resources

While the 1-2-1 sessions are the clearest way to achieve the best results, browsing through our Blog can also help get some insights into various topics such as: leadership, sales, money, investing, etc.

We aim to share free content as much as possible, which can be found in the form of articles on the Hintogram Blog.

We've also recently started to compile some of our topics into a weekly podcast called The Weekly Hintogram, which is avaiable on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Deezer & Spotify.


You can choose the option that suits your needs:


$0for 1 session

  • One hour 1-2-1 video coaching session
  • Access to Hintogram Blog
  • Newsletter updates & free content
  • Direct messaging support
  • Follow up sessions
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Coaching Plan

$249per plan

  • 8 video coaching sessions (2/week)
  • Access to Hintogram Blog
  • Newsletter updates & exclusive content
  • Direct messaging & phone support
  • Follow up sessions at discounted price
  • Personalized action plan
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